Equestrian Info

Horses in Action Program 2021
Moora Agricultural Show - September 18, 2021

This is not run by the Central Midlands Agricultural Society.


Hacking: Dawn Ardley 0407 415 119 dawn.ardley@bigpond.com

Show jumping: Natalie Homewood 0427 714 027 nacoonan@wn.com.au

Stockman’s Challenge

To be advised.

POST OR EMAIL ALL ENTRY FEES TO: Horses In action Event Treasurer 4 Dix Street Moora WA 6510 dawn.ardley@bigpond.com

Entry fees can be paid via bank transfer: BSB 036-106: ACC: 117527 All cheques are to be made out to: MOORA DISTRICT HORSMEN’S ASSOC

Important Note: Times of fancy dress and breed classes may vary depending on the entries and judging of Hacking & Rider Classes. It is up to the competitor to keep an eye on the classes.

We hope you all enjoy the day and if you have any ideas on how we can improve, or if you would like to be a part of the MHA or on the committee then please contact one of our friendly Committee or Club members

The committee of Moora District & Horsemen’s Association (MHA) reserve the right to cancel, alter or combine any event/s they may deem necessary on the day.
If you are not a riding member of MHA or EA, you are required to pay a day membership for insurance purposes to be able to compete.
The grounds are public open space and cannot be sealed from the public access. All entrants must sign the declaration when picking up numbers or they will NOT be allowed to compete.
All persons on horseback are required to wear EA recognised standard approved helmet and boots as a condition of entry (please note new helmet standards apply as of Jan 2017, it is rider responsibility to ensure your helmet complies with this).
Rider’s age will be at the day of event (proof of age may be requested).
All ponies can be ridden by any age unless otherwise stated.
MHA organising committee reserves the right to interpret all rules & make a decision where any dispute arises.
Under No circumstances is approaching the judge, judging or coaching from the side of the ring permitted. Failure to abide by these rules will lead to immediate disqualification and forfeit of entry fees.
“NO” Dogs are permitted on the grounds. Dogs will be removed.
All manure, hay and rubbish must be removed from your float parking (i.e. on the ground) area prior to departing
Riding on the grounds is not permitted if you are not entered in an event
The organizing committee of the MHA, judges, officials, DO NOT accept liability for any accident, loss, damage, illness or injury to horses, owners, riders, spectators or any other person or property whatsoever. Entry to the grounds is at your own risk and the ‘Waiver of Liability’ form must be signed by all entrants prior to participation; this is a condition of our insurance.
Where other events clashes with other events, riders must choose which event they ride. No event classes will be delayed due to riders not able to ride due to event class clash.

No Whips or spurs are to be used in handy pony events

Riders competing in Lead Line and 1st Ridden classes must only compete in lead line & 1st Ridden classes

Plaiting and jackets are optional

Horses and ponies should be clean and riders dressed in neat attire

NOTE – A lunch break will be offered for Judge in the Hack rings.

MAIN GATE opens for Equestrian competitors ONLY from 6.00am THEN CLOSES at 9.00am. Admission payable. 

Entry after 09:00 to the equestrian area is on foot via the Main Gate. Admission payable.